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Pat's Meow

Many years ago I went to Questroyal Stud, near Hudson, to breed a mare and they showed me their sensational son of Storm Cat, Tomorrow's Cat. About seven years ago I received a message from the NY Horse Rescue that they had a mare they thought I'd like. I have known the NY Horse Rescue for I'd say two decades now. My first horse at my barn in East Hmapton I got from NY Horse Rescue, a daughter of the millionaire race horse Valley Crossing. I've donated paintings to raise money and have been totally behind them from the onset. On a returned trip from East Hampton I stopped by and loaded Pat's Meow, a daughter of Tomorrow's Cat, sight unseen. All I was told was that the mare was in the field with a blanket on. Turns out she is a lookalike for her gorgeous sire Tomorrow's Cat. Since then she's basically been leading a life of leisure. She's out in a 90 acre field with six buddies grazing and getting fat. I wouldn't say she's been retrained but rather I have added to her racing education by schooling her over fences and the basics as a hunter/jumper. She's a wonderful horse. I absolutely adore the gorgeous Meow, as I call her. Re: equestrian artist: painter and photographer Leland Neff

Rogue and Smoothie

Hi Mona, Just wanted to update you on our wonderful PMU mares. Rogue is the lighter buckskin and Smoothie is black. Now 14 years old, holy cow! These girls have been such an amazing addition to our family. Smart, willing, trusting and sometimes challenging. They have helped us grow as horsemen/woman in so many ways. We love just them to pieces. Thank you for all you do for our equine partners. We couldn't be happier with them. I'm pretty sure they are happy too. Sincerely, Jamie and Angelo

Tino (AKA King Motion)

I’ve had Tino (AKA King Motion) since July 2005. He was a PMU foal that Mona & NYHR rescued from a ranch in North Dakota. He has been everything and more than I could have hoped for. I got him when he was a newly gelded yearling and since then he has been broken Western, shown in Dressage, Hunters, & Pleasure classes, been a therapy horse, and most of all, he’s been my partner and companion for 15 years and counting. I found him when I was going through a difficult time in my life (my father had recently passed away and I was recovering from a near death accident) and my life blossomed after I got him. I cannot thank Mona and NYHR enough for saving this wonderful and special equine.