Success Stories

Hi Mona, 10 years have pasted since we adopted Lucky from the NY Horse Rescue adoption program. I believe it was the last year the adoption drive took place and she was one of the last to be adopted. She is such a sweetheart and it has been an honor and privilege to have her as a member of our family. So here she is at the grand age of 30 after producing some 18-19 PMU foals!

Lucky was pregnant when we adopted her so her colt Coconino is now 9 years old and quite the stunning hunter. He will be competing in his first combined training event next month. He has such a wonderful charismatic personality! So glad we adopted her, they have both brought joy to our lives.

Both Lucky and Coconino exemplify the compassion and never-ending hard work of NY Horse Rescue.

Cheers, Ginny Ramos

Hi Mona,

Just wanted to give you an update on Aroma. She started as a race horse at 2, then a broodmare, now at 14, she just competed in her first event. She is happy up here in Vancouver, BC. She likes the mild climate and no flies in the summer. She looks great! A far cry from here condition when you rescued her from New Holland 11 years ago.

Dee Dee

Go Go Hannah Go
Go Go Hannah Go in her home Chappaquiddick!

A Banks Hand
A Banks Hand: A Thoroughred adopted through New York Horse his first dressage show!

Pocket Playboy
Pocket Playboy, adopted as a PMU foal through NYHR. With Samantha (his adopter) and Ryan on their wedding day!

Oops, a 4 yr old filly. Showing on the line in VA. Oops is by Pocket Playboy (a PMU foal adopted through NYHR)

Tsar Czar
Tsar Czar, 3rd at the Hampton Classic. Another NYHR adoptee :)

and then he did dressage...

Stormy Marie
Hi Mona! Stormy is doing great! She got her feet done today - she's so sweet! I can't wait to get riding her, I haven't yet but the weather is finally breaking and I hope to get on her very soon. She's already attached to me and I love it! Thank you again so much!

Midnight Michael
Dear Mona,

Just wanted to say how happy we are with our new horse.

If it wasn't for you rescuing him he wouldn't now be a part of our family. I can only get a few hugs in until he learns to fully trust me.

Thanks again.
Cara from Long Island NY

Aimee and Scotty
Hi Mona,

I wanted to send you some success stories for my two PMU foals which were adopted from New York Horse Rescue. I am sending some pictures of each of them that shows how well they are doing. Aimee, the paint, I bought from Karen Prine. She has been wonderful! I am including a picture of me on her at the Shenandoah County Fair where she won the Champion of the beginner horse classes. She was five at the time. Aimee has been a great riding horse. The trainer said she was one of the easiest to work with. Aimee is out of Scotches Buddy. She has been a wonderful horse for my husband to learn to ride and canter on. She has also been ridden by his teenage girls and I am including pictures of him and his daughter Amanda riding her in the ring where we keep her. Besides, she is such a beautiful horse!

The second horse I adopted from NYHR as a foal. He is related to Aimee on his mothers side. I guess they are cousins! It was a wonderful experience receiving a foal of 4 months and going thru the whole process of watching him grow up. Scotty is now kept at a ranch in VA where he loves to trail ride. I moved him there from where he was with Aimee in order to allow him to get more experience with different trail obstacles. I have included pictures of him there with my niece riding him and me leading him on a trail ride thru a stream on the ranch. He will lead or follow and gets along with everyone and every horse there. He is a great size for bareback riding too so I included a picture of that as well. He loves to play!

I cannot express how special it has been to develop a relationship with these young horses and watch them blossom into such nice riding partners. Going thru the process of training them and watching them grow has been so very rewarding. I wanted to thank you so much for your passion for horses and finding homes for ones that had a horrible future in line for them. I can't even imagine these two wonderful horses going to the tragic ending that would most likely have come along if you hadn't reached out to save them.

Working with them has blessed my life and they have found a home for life with me. They are part of the family! Thank you for allowing that blessing to happen!

God Bless,
Cathy VanDerSluys

Dear Mona,

My name is Lauren McFarren, I own Bismarck who originally belonged to Karen Prine (my neighbor.) I am truly sorry to hear about your loss. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you. But, I wanted to email you and tell you what an amazing horse you have saved. Bismarck is a big, strong, healthy handsome boy. He stands about 16’ hands and is a gentle giant. He has become one of my best friends. Bismarck has really brought a light to my life and showed me trust and confidence.

I remember going over to Karen’s and taking care of the group he came with for some months. At first, I had my eye set on his sister. She was just as beautiful. Somehow though, I ended up with Bismarck and I believe it was a blessing meant to be. We developed a quick connection and I played with him every day. Sadly, we lost this when I began a struggle with self harm, depression, and anxiety for about five years. During those years me and Bis struggled a bit, but shortly found a connection again once I found help and saw the light on the other side. Bismarck has been a major part of that light.

While I struggled, so did he. He mirrored the pain I was dealing with, and I didn’t go down to the barn to see him much. Slowly, I found my way down there more. Shortly, he began to mirror my upward progress. The confidence and trust I put in him, he showed me right back. Our connection sparked right back up and is continually growing even stronger. I have no fear when I hop up on him, even though I am so far from the ground. I trust him and know that he will take care of me. Bismarck and I work with natural horseman ship to build an even deeper relationship.

I have been accepted to Shepherd University and will be hoping to major in Social Work. I would like to turn around and use this to help out my mother who is running an equine assisted therapy program, which Bismarck is used in. He is a very bright part of my life and I am so thankful I have him. Thank you so much for saving his life.

Love, Lauren & Bizzy


Hi Mona,
I don't know if you remember me or not, but I adopted Aroma (1999 Drk bay mare) ten years ago.  My dad is Joe Denniston.  Aroma has had four beautiful foals and is now a lovely pleasure riding horse.  She has such a kind heart.  I have recently relocated from Virginia to Vancouver, BC and am preparing to ship Aroma here so that I may continue to love and care for her.
I've attached a picture of me and Aroma riding through the fields of Virginia 

Carol "Dee Dee"


Hi Mona,

The woman who adopted Piper, the dun colt I got thru you, sent me these pics. today of him playing with her paint. He used to be more dun colored but has darkened quite a bit.
The sorrel Belgian is another horse I rescued from a pmu ranch when she was just a baby that this woman also adopted.

She said to tell you that Piper is a 'spoiled rotten 17hh beauty of whom nothing is asked and everything is given' Yeah, I know, not sure that is entirely a good thing, but I know her enough to be confident that she will keep him for the rest of his life.

I am waiting for more to come from two other adopters, one being Nan Pantle - so perhaps she will send them directly to you.



MEOW!! and I today. I've let her down. Taken her out on trail and gone over natural jumps. Training on the ground and under saddle. She's grown about 2". Love her.

Thanks, Leland

Two PMU Foal Rescues

Hi Mona,

Karen sent me your name on facebook so I could give you an update. 6 years ago I tried to adopt from you, but it didn't work out. I don't know if we weren't approved or what. But some how the universe brought Karen and I together and I ended up using her to adopt a couple of PMU's.

It is always nice to get updates so Karen asked me to tell you about the girls. 6 years old now and we still adore them. I moved back to NY 4 years ago hauled my little herd back up here. I live in Binghamton with 108 acres. The horses are doing wonderfully. The black appendix and the light Buckskin came through your rescue. The palamino and dark buckskin came from an auction in Virginia, one being a PMU. They are all doing wonderfully. There are many other horses on there that I acquired one way or another, not true rescues, but in need of homes or I did hoof rehab on them. 

Thanks for everything you do down there. I know you are going through a rough time and no matter the circumstances I know your heart is in the right place.



Hi Mona, hope you are doing well these days.

Here is an update on a pmu foal I adopted from you back in 2004. Her name is Tess and there aren't enough good words to describe her. She will be 8 years old in May and has been a gift from day 1. We have gone swimming, camping, parades, caroling, gymkhanas, horse shows and had many non-riders take their first ride on Tess. She is gentle and willing and does anything we ask her to do. We often ride her bareback in just a halter and lead rope. She is the Chinese Zodiac horse that everyone wants to ride with when they have an anxious or new horse and want a calm, quiet partner. She is a dependable steady Eddy and I am thankful to have her. Did I mention she is beautiful as well? She is a grulla; she has the mane frosting, ear tips, shoulder bars, forehead webbing, dorsal stripe and zebra stripes on her legs. It is hard to capture her color in photos; she changes color each season from a mousy gray-brown in winter to a dun in the summer. However, she retains all the black markings and stripes year round.

Tess is an easy keeper, she maintains well on good quality hay. She has not had any major health issues. I did treat her for lyme several years ago and she seems to have no ill effects from that. I do shoe her in the summer as we ride a lot, but she is barefoot all winter and has excellent feet (we ride all winter too). She's a beefy girl, around 1150 lbs, that is probably due to some draft in her, but she is sound, healthy and sturdy. She generally comes in when called; it is rare that I have to go get her when she is turned out.

She is a dominant mare at the barn but out on the trail she is not. There have been many occasions where she has gone first because no one else's horses would. She does not kick or bite and has never reared. She has attempted a buck on occasion, when she's feeling a little frisky, but they are laughable! She really just doesn't have it in her! :) 

That was probably too long of an update but I have a hard time not rambling on about her. And to think I found her from just a picture on your website...all I can say is thank goodness I was in the right place at the right time to find her.

I have attached pics from 2007 on up to July 2011, and the picture you posted on your website. I hope you enjoy them! I have many, many more so if you are looking for something specific, just let me know!

Thank you for your good work. I hope some good comes back to you, as it is well deserved.



Hi Mona,

The most recent picture I have of Emma is of her and I with her getting use to her shoulder harness.  The vet wanted me to start hand walking her for 10 minutes a day and he wanted her shoulder supported so that it wouldn't fall out laterally.  The picture is of she and I with her wearing what we call the Safford Shoulder Stabilizer named after my barn manager who with 2 other horse friends came up with the device.  I do have some other pictures of Emma but they are on my laptop.  I will try to send you some other pictures soon.

In a nutshell prior to Emma being attacked by dogs she and I were enjoying trail riding.  She was also starting to do some first level dressage with my barn manager just for fun in the ring.  She is a rock solid trail horse and does it all out on the trails.  We've trailered to different places and have taken part in organized trail rides and even a judged trail ride when she was 4.

One time out on the trail when she and I were riding with friends we went to cross a wooden bridge on the trail that went across a stream.  Much to my horror when she stepped up onto the bridge with her front feet the board was rotten and gave out beneath her.  She was standing with her back legs on the trail and both her front legs through the rotten board and into the stream.  As I was trying to think how the hell I was going to get her out without getting her injured she took matters into her own "hoofs" and calmly sat back on her haunches and did a rollback and pivoted up and out of the hole and back on to the trail.  She was 3 1/2 at the time.

My trainer was also using Emma on the trails when she was giving trail lessons to other riders.  Emma is just a wonderful mare, sweet and gentle and very much a pocket pony.  Her favorite treat is peppermint puffs although any treat will do :)  I thank you so very much for bringing Emma and I together and hopefully with time, prayers, and positive thinking Emma will recover 100% from her injury and we will be back out on the trails.