Welcome to NYHR

Our Mission is to prevent the inhumane slaughter of injured, abused, and unwanted horses. Our goal is to rehabilitate and place these horses in qualified adoptive homes.

New York Horse Rescue Corporation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit horse charity. We primarily rehabilitate and retrain Thoroughbred racehorses. We also help racetrack trainers and owners place horses in new homes. Our goal is to find new homes and careers for these unwanted horses.

New York Horse Rescue is comprised of people who are active in the horse world and are animal lovers. Mona T. Kanciper, President, is a racehorse owner as are several other board members. Her late husband, Dr. Judson L. Butler, was an equine veterinarian with many years of racetrack experience. Dr. Butler was an avid supporter of New York Horse Rescue. Several board members are New York Horse Rescue adopters. All board members are avid animal supporters and devote a tremendous amount our of time to helping the rescued horses. That help comes in many different forms: veterinary work, fundraising, public awareness, etc.

The New York Horse Rescue facility is located on a 50 acre farm in Manorville, Long Island, New York. The Manorville farm provides an interim home for NYHR horses before they are adopted. This facility usually operates at full capacity.

New York Horse Rescue relies on donations from the public in order to feed and maintain our horses and save more horses from slaughter. We hope that visitors to our site understand the importance of contributions (which are tax-deductible!). Even small donations help by paying for wormers, hay, farrier work, medicines, and even carrots! Please visit our contributions page and help us with these wonderful and majestic creatures.