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15 South Street
Manorville, New York 11949

New Phone Number:
516.375.1373 - text or voice call

Fax: 631-878-3306

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For questions and inquiries on Horse Adoptions or Appointments; please contact Mona at:

If you are contacting us about adopting a horse include a brief description of the kind of horse you are looking for (size, gender, height, temperament, etc.) and also let us know your riding skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and what type of riding you have experience with (hunters, dressage, polo, trail, foxhunting, etc). The more information you provide us with the easier it is for us to determine if we have a horse that will be suitable. Please do not overestimate riding skills or goals. Also, let us know if you need a tall horse or need a horse that will be strong and sturdy enough to carry more weight. And, finally, give us a brief description of the accommodations available for the horse.

We welcome visitors on an appointment basis. We are generally available weekday afternoons and Saturday afternoons. Directions to our farm will be emailed after an appointment is scheduled.

Sorry, volunteers cannot work directly with horses. However, volunteers are needed to help at fundraisers and other events.

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Donate a Horse

These are guidelines for acceptance of horses into New York Horse Rescue. They are meant to provide horse donors with basic information regarding their horse's is eligibility for acceptance into NYHR. If you are interested in donating your horse to NYHR, please read the information below. If you feel that your horse qualifies for acceptance, please contact NYHR with all pertinent information.

    • First priority is given to horses at the racetrack or at risk of going to the slaughterhouse.
    • Thoroughbreds are given priority over other breeds.
    • Ex-racehorses that have been in homes and used as pleasure horses are accepted only if they can be adopted immediately.
    • Older pleasure horses that are in need of a retirement facility are not eligible for NYHR.
    • All horses must be pasture sound.
    • All horses must be geldings or mares. Stallions are not eligible for donation.
    • Donors must transfer title to NYHR and provide for shipping to NYHR.

    Please note that there is usually a waiting list to enter NYHR. The waiting time will vary greatly and there is no way of predicting availability. Our space is limited and we do not have the resources to accommodate everyone. We hope that you understand and try to do the best thing for your horses.
Please complete and email Donation Form to NYHR may be contacted by mail (NYHR, PO Box 435, Manorville, NY 11949), FAX 631.878.3306.


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Pet Safe Coalition is an all-volunteer organization and was originally created in 1999 as a working idea to assist the overlooked pet populations from disasters.